In the past few years, our teams have taken short videos sometimes when we attend trade shows or doing technical support for our customers.
We have selected some of these videos, hope they will help you learn more about laser welding, laser cleaning and XING Laser machines.


XING Laser

  • Laser Welding

    Laser Welding is mature technology, it is revolutionizing the Handheld Welding Industry now. Laser welding is 2x-4x faster than TIG, and much easier to learn and use.

  • Professional

    We specialize in laser welding machines and rust removal machines.
    Our manufacturing plant has delivered thousands of machines to our customers safely.

  • Reliable

    XING Laser is owned and operated by 6am Life LLC, DBA XING Laser here in USA.
    We provide our customers with secure financial security and after-sales services