Some knowledge about the laser welding thickness

The biggest factors that affect the thickness of laser welding are the output power of the laser and the welding speed.

The output power of the laser is determined by the power rating of the laser itself and the power supply environment where the laser is located.

Under the same power supply environment, the output energy of the same 1500W laser varies somewhat from one brand of laser to another.

In our experience, the output power of Raycus, IPG and Max lasers can meet or even exceed the standards they are labeled with.

For other brands of lasers, we do not make too much evaluation due to lack of experience.

The video below shows the welding results of a Raycus 1500W laser on a 4mm thick mild steel plate at 9mm/s with the laser power set to 1450W.

Single-sided welding with double-sided forming.

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